Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sound tutorial

Just an update on my personal progress, i completed the sound tutorial, so i can apply some sound to our draft environment, even walking through a space in crysis, its good to have some sound as its a real time environment.

The steps in the tutorial were:

1. Objects-> Area -> Shape
2. Snap to terrain ( choose the area that you would like the sound to be in)
3. Add an ambient Volume Area
4. Objects->Sound->Ambient Volume
5. Select pick
6. In ambient Volume properties click on name, then on the little folder
7. Select the sound that you want
8. Click Ok
9. Then have a walk through of your environment to double check the area that was

10. Smile and Sigh a breath of relief :)

Progress update

Since Saturday most things have been running a bit too smooth to be quite honest, the modelling in revit has been completed, and the major issue is getting the textures into crysis, but hopefully that can be actioned, by doing it up in sketch up and then importing it crysis should solve the problems.

Our group is meeting tomorrow before submission, the challenge particularly for me is that im the last one to get the full project file, i have to complete the lighting, sound and the video's, as well as the basic requirements. I think its particularly challenging, as there are time constraints and basically having any hiccups in that time frame.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week 3 update

Just a progress report on how the studio classes and how the team is progressing
I believe that everyone is contributing an equal amount of work towards are collaboration, we execute our tasks to the best of our abilities and enjoy working together as a team.

In the Studio Wirada created a schedule for our team, i think this was an excellent idea as we will actually try and keep to the schedule, and this also shows us our time constraints.

Also because my tech tests were easily solved, i thought that it would be best if i contributed more of my abilities to the project, i will be participating in the making a video for the draft environment, also exploring the sounds and putting in sound for the draft environment. I will also compile the collaboration for our group wiki. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Asynchronous Messaging

Week 3 studio

What is Asynchronous Messaging?

Most People in an asynchronous messaging system don't have to wait for a response from the recipient, because they can heavily rely on the messaging infrastructure to ensure delivery.

This is a vital ingredient in loosely coupled systems such as emailing, faxing and even on blogs because it allows participants to communicate reliably even if one of the persons is temporarily offline, busy, or cant get on contact with.

Modern e-mail systems are based on a store-and-forward model in which e-mail computer server systems, accept, forward, or store messages on behalf of users, who only connect to the e-mail infrastructure with their personal computer or other network-enabled device for the duration of message transmission or retrieval to or from their designated server. Rarely is e-mail transmitted directly from one user's device to another's.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

tech tests

During the course of the wee, some how i magically found some time to experiment and perform tech tests, importing objects into crysis

I found some reall help ful video tutorials, this particular one showed how to
export 3D's max into crysis.

The second tech test was lighting, this was very simple all we had to do was click on entities, click on lights, then indiredt light and then place the actual light.

Very Simply Solved

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The 8 Potential Problems

The potential problems that my team "evolve" thought would be a challenge were the following:

1.Creating water within the buildings
2.Drilling a perfect rectangular hole
3.Lighting of the rooms
4.Importing materials to Crysis
5.Importing miscellaneous objects to Crysis
6.Creating the cave for the well
7.Recreating the space (scale) with the information available
8.Correct flow of water (well to pool)

Each of these problems were allocated to each of the team members in the group, the two that were allocated for me were the lightingof the rooms, and the importing of miscellaneous objects into Crysis.

Technology and Conflict

A couple of words that come to mind when thinking of the word "technology"

mobile phones , laptops, digital cameras etc

These are some of the sites i came across when researching:




When thinking of the word conflict, the ideas that naturally spring to mind

are discord, opposition of values and interests, even words like conflict resolution.




Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unbuilt architecture

The second building of my choice is the called Holiday Skyscraper in Sentina,
Sentina is an abandoned and degraded place situated in Italy’s west coast. The space dimension of this almost uncontaminated landscape which needs a new construction that takes into consideration history and nature.

The basis of this particular project traces a track of this landscape, a linear axis, a mixture of history and contemporary life: a route that highlights the presence of ancient country houses and an axis that ends unavoidably at the sea.

As it meets the line of the sea, the road bends, transforming into a skyscraper, which is one hundred and fifty meters high. It creates a conflict between nature and artifice, between ancient and modern.

What appealed to me about this particlar building were the conflicting qualities with in the building. Because of this i think this building is also very easily adapted into different environments

Unbuilt Architectures

The first unbuilt architecture i choose is known as "Well City", i found this particular building from the Evolo housing competition 2007. (Evolo is also a new york based magazine)

The designers were inspired by s. patrizio's sink, which was characterised by a flight of steps, that turns into a central space that contains water, and that has many openings, where is possible to observe a central space.

It is based on a semi-hipogen space; a visible level that contains a living room, a kitchen with spaces.

Another level contains a swimming pool, with different platforms. In the courtyard we can observe a series of volumes that contain aquarius.

What appealed to me about this particular architecture was the exterior, which i believe can be easily adapted to any environment and also the fact that it is underground.Its architecture is very simple and has modernist undertones through it.

I believe building this particular building will be a challenge as it is underground and has water in the central areas of the building.

SandBox Tutorials

A few snap shots of the tutorials that were to be completed so we can get get started with the program: