Thursday, June 18, 2009

The End

Overall collaboration was interesting and our group worked quite successfully.
We made our meetinsg quite regular and monitored our progress through, critqueing our work. The main challenge was the time aspects, as some of us work and having a time where its feasible for everyone was the challenge.

In terms of contribution, i was in charge of the video's, the presentations and the lighting. My group had chosen these roles for me, as they thought this was my forte.
i still have a sound understanding of the engine, as i did play around in it, in the first couple of Weeks and watched my teamates use it also.

I feel as though this was a great course and has really benefited me

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Progress for Group

So yesterday i did the lighting in the group and didnt end up getting a chance to do AI as it was quite late, in terms of contribution, throughout the semester my group chose the tasks to do, than myself, since i believe i am quite outspoken it would be a chance for my team members to allocate me the tasks. I was assigned the lighting and the AI, thoroughout all three fabrications and also alot of the work on the team journal and also the video's and the presentations. Since they felt that they are my forte's.

Anyways today i found out the lighting wasnt successful as they had to move the environment, and something didnt work. So tonight i have to do it again! :(

Monday, June 15, 2009

progress update

Did the lighting today yay!!!!

Some screen shots of the lighting

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today we are having a meeting in regards to the final design, tonight hpoefully i will get to put in the lighting and then start working on the final tusff, such as the image captures, polish up our team blog and also just the final presentation.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So far i havent been able to touch the final fabrication, today our group will meet again as wirada and i will be doing the AI element in it. And then i will continue with lighting. After that we can start working on the videos etc. Once again its a bit of a shame that we are running behind schedule as we are tight for time.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The specialisation

Tutorial for In text Overlay

1. To get started you need adobe Flash Cs2 or Cs3 to create flash objects.
2. Create a new flash (Action Script 2.0) movie.

3. Now create a small box in the upper left hand corner like so :

4. Next use the text tool to create a text area and set the text to #value#. Crysis usually uses the font Agency Fb, through the Hud.

5. Next, change the text area from static text to dynamic text, and set the Instance Name to "varText". Your properties should look something like this.

6.Next comes the most important part. You must embed the symbols into the text area, click on the "Embed…" button and select the following and click OK

7.If you don’t follow that step properly you will end up with boxes.

8.In the Actions Window, select Scene 1 from the object explorer, and type the following code.

9. Now export the movie to a file and call it "myfirstHUDItem.swf". Be sure that Action Script 2.0 is selected from the Action Script version dropdown.The following settings were used.

after that step it got a bit messy and i wasnt able to continue, i will keep attempting the next few steps and post up on it went. It is difficult for someone that has never used flash before. I know that it can be done, but there is a lot of trial and error. In particular this case, we are constrained for time, so in terms of making it possible, it could take days for someone like me as oppossed to someone who is pro at crysis.

My tutorial for the wiki posted up into crisis;13900918;/fileinfo.html

Friday, June 5, 2009

Group Progress

In regards to group and personal progress, I researched for my topic and looked in the forums for the in text pop ups. And it sort of showed the cheating method I think, well any method is a good method right now, but I think I will try the flash tutorial to get it starting to work. Fingers Crossed, besides that I have to fix up my wiki, and add two more topics even though it wasn’t assigned to me. I still want to complete the communication and Culture topics. I have to also edit most of the wiki topics that I have done, my entries didn’t look so good because I didn’t know how to format the style. So when i would copy and paste my research it would go all funny.

In terms of the final submission, I have been assigned to do the lighting, some AI, the video and the presentation and the written work for the Team Journal. I really enjoy making video’s and using Vegas and fraps, using the relevant music etc. Its like a climax to the submission of a project, because the end seems so near.

Our Group is meeting on Sunday, to change a few things about the environment and the model itself , so we are all aware of the changes that are being made. When working in a group I think it’s more productive when the team is together, instead of passing around the file and emailing each other of the changes. Yes in some Circumstances it may be viable, but now that it’s the end, I don’t think it is.
I have three assignments due on the same day, so im under a lot of pressure in terms of time and producing quality work.

This is Our Current Schedule, but I don’t think we have worked according to the program.