Monday, June 1, 2009

Progress and Week 11

Week 11

Today we had lecture in ICinema Centre of UNSW. The iCinema Centre was established for Interactive Cinema Research into digital interactivity for benchmark applications across the arts, culture and industry. It brings us in new media, aesthetics, cinematic theory, multimedia design, computer science, cognitive science, software/hardware engineering and mining virtual reality. We had the priveledge of watching some amazing video's that the researchers had made.
I found it to be quite an experience, and i think it would be really rewarding if you were to design or make innovative movies such as the ones showed to us today.

Started researching on the screen text overlay,
Not much luck so far. So just did some research on the other two topics that were not given to us, but i would like to do them anyway. The topics are Communication and Culture, i think they should be interesting topics, im going to chose to define the different types of communication that exists, since it is a very broad topic.
In regards to the definition of culture, that also is very Broad, but i will see how it goes.

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