Friday, June 5, 2009

Group Progress

In regards to group and personal progress, I researched for my topic and looked in the forums for the in text pop ups. And it sort of showed the cheating method I think, well any method is a good method right now, but I think I will try the flash tutorial to get it starting to work. Fingers Crossed, besides that I have to fix up my wiki, and add two more topics even though it wasn’t assigned to me. I still want to complete the communication and Culture topics. I have to also edit most of the wiki topics that I have done, my entries didn’t look so good because I didn’t know how to format the style. So when i would copy and paste my research it would go all funny.

In terms of the final submission, I have been assigned to do the lighting, some AI, the video and the presentation and the written work for the Team Journal. I really enjoy making video’s and using Vegas and fraps, using the relevant music etc. Its like a climax to the submission of a project, because the end seems so near.

Our Group is meeting on Sunday, to change a few things about the environment and the model itself , so we are all aware of the changes that are being made. When working in a group I think it’s more productive when the team is together, instead of passing around the file and emailing each other of the changes. Yes in some Circumstances it may be viable, but now that it’s the end, I don’t think it is.
I have three assignments due on the same day, so im under a lot of pressure in terms of time and producing quality work.

This is Our Current Schedule, but I don’t think we have worked according to the program.

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