Friday, June 5, 2009

Week 12 Collaboration Studio

Now finally it has come to the end of another semester, and another final studio class.

Today our guest lecturer was someone we all know really well, the one and only Russell Lowe. In his Lecture Russell gave an interesting lecture, on current projects and papers he is currently working on. One of them was for a hospital and another was for an artwork competition. It showed both the practicality and also the fun side of the programs we have been taught to use. I found him to be useful and quite engaging out of most of the guest lecturers, because I guess I could relate to him most, and he is someone successful in this sort of a field.

After Russell’s lecture, we had a brief talk by Stephen Peter about Grad studio, it seems daunting and almost surreal, that its so close. We had the opportunity to look through some past years projects, the ones I mainly looked through were modelling and visualisation. They seemed to be of a high standard, and it gave me ideas on what I can do for my final project. I have never used 3 DS max before and maybe this might be a chance for me to. I would like to challenge myself and do the best I can do, as it will be one of the final things I do in my university career.

We were then talked to by our Tutors, Jeremy and Graham. They went through our building and added their critical review about it. I thought this was really important as our tutors guide us into the right direction, to achieve the best possible outcomes from us. Graham had talked about changing the outside environment, for it to be more inviting and more Oasis like. Also there were a few technical issues, like spaces and things like that but that’s all part and parcel of using a comp program. Also changing the style of the windows and changing the structure of the building.

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